Winchester for the perfect ‘nanobreak’

In the Travel section of the Times (January 10 2009) John Naish sings the praises of taking Bed and Breakfast mini-breaks where the journey from home might be just sixty minutes or even less!  The result: "that rarest of modern commodities – simple relaxation". These are escapades to get over the difficulty of big "trophy holidays", so stressful apparently that 1.7 million Brits have to take time off to recover!

John Naish’s advice is to travel just a short distance, to stay in a country hotel or a B&B, take minimal luggage, and book  no more than two nights, one of them possibly Sunday for the best rates.

Many of the guests in Wolvesey View B&B are doing exactly that (well not so many staying the Sunday nights yet): coming down by train from London to enjoy smooching about the streets, feasting in great pubs and restaurants, touring the cathedral, enjoying the sound of bells chimiing all over town, shopping at the incredible Farmers’ Market and walking down along a beautiful waterway to St Catherine’s Hill. Just one final walk through the city centre to catch one of the frequent trains for the hour long ride back to Waterloo.

What a great break from the hustle and bustle and stress of your "trophy holiday" – or life in London!


John Naish is the author of "Breaking Free from the World of More"

Times article "Pack up your troubles: Leave your passport at home"

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